Italian mother-tongue voice talent

Italian female voice talent

Hi, my name is Chiara Gandolfi, I am an Italian mother-tongue voice talent, of BalenaLab.

I use my voice every day to make my clients’ audio projects unique: whether they be radio and TV advertisements, documentaries, audio guides, podcasts, audiobooks, interactive fairy tales and all other projects that require a professional Italian voice.
I have a home studio where I record audio and carry out post production.
A sound designer who works with me can, if necessary, take care of the music editing or can arrange music ad hoc for your project providing mixing and mastering as well.

What’s my voice like?

Fresh, young, bright, adaptable and expressive, capable of characterizing a text with undertones and “colours”: from institutional to energetic, from a clear to a recited narration, from a warm and profound voice to a child’s or cartoon character’s voice.

Listen to my voice!

Advertisement 1  –  Advertisement 2  –  Shotgun  –  Podcast  –  Documentary

Ramp  –  AudioBook  –  Demo  –  Audio Guide


  • Annual elocution course with voice over actor Paolo De Santis
  • Annual acting course with actor and director Roberto Graziosi
  • Triennial acting course at the Teatro Prova in Bergamo, Italy
  • “The voice as an instrument of communication” workshop with actor Mario Massari

Professional experience

  • Radio speaker at Radio Number One, Milan, Italy
  • Radio speaker at Radio Azzurra, Ascoli Piceno, Italy
  • Speaker at various recording studios to produce radio and video advertisements, audiobooks, interactive fairy tales, and documentaries.
  • Narrator’s voice at various Live readings
  • Presenter of events
  • Theatre and musical actress

Recently I have worked on projects for Samsung, Winx Italia and Ferrero.

How do I work?

Contact: send me an email including the text that you need to record along with all your requests. A quotation will then be generated which, once accepted, is the go ahead for the job. I will send you the invoice which is to be settled before I send the completed work. We can agree upon the timing and the delivery format and we can decide together if there are particular intonations or accents in your own language (names of people, places and products, etc.)

Recording: in my home studio I record your text according to a correct elocution and cadence, on the tone of voice and the expression you have requested (you can include notes in your text to indicate the tone you desire). If you want to listen to the recording and direct me in real time, we can connect via Skype from my studio or by Source Connect or ISDN in a partner studio.

Post production: in this phase I edit the recording, choosing the version to keep, I take out the breaths and deal with the sound. In more complex projects the sound designer takes care of the atmosphere, creating sound effects and sound dynamics. In which case we edit the recording with the music (created just for you or selected from a music library). In order to create an intelligible and powerful mix, we use equalization and the correct compression.

Delivery: At this point the file is exported (wave or mp3, 44,100 HZ, 16 bit generally or in the format that you desire, agreed at the beginning) and is ready to send (I use We Transfer or Clyp). Now your project has a voice!

What do I use to record?

U87, Rode Podcaster

Equipment and programs:
Drawmer Microphone Preamp, Reaper

Mac Pro

If you require a quote or wish to begin working with me, contact me!

I’d be happy to be the voice of your next project!

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